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  • Nails

    Nails are your own canvas. Even a single color cheers up your motivation like a color therapy. We work with a passion for your satisfaction.
    Japanese gelnail calgel extension nail
    The characteristic of "Japanese Gel" is the durability and a adhesion power.
  • -About our service

    We're specialized in Japanese nail art with SOFT GEL.

    Here are the descriptions of different types of gel/acrylic.

    *We DO NOT use acrylic at our salon.

    Gel polish

    (Shellac, OPI, Essie etc. )

    -Infused polish and gel

    -As thin as regular polish

    -last up to 2weeks

    -Soaked off

    Soft gel

    -Flexble and soft

    -Used for color and art

    -Soaked off with acetone

    Hard gel

    -Thick and hard

    -Used for extensions

    -Can't soak off


    -Thick and hard

    -Used for extensions

    -Soaked off

  • Lashes


    Our unique application techniques give comfortable, soft, and customized lash styles to provide the best quality eyelashes to suit every occasion. From everyday casual wear, weddings, and bridal lashes.

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  • Hair extensions

    Miho, the founder of M&M studio is specialized in hair extensions for all types of hair and also hair&scalp care for damaged / thinning hair. You can see more about her works at http://www.mihohairextension.com

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