• -Pricelist

    Our price will be changed starting from march first 2020. *Detail on a top page.


    Clear gel manicure $35
    Color gel manicure $45
    Color gel pedicure $50


    *additional $5 for long nails

    **Cal gel base $5 extra, Cal gel colors $5 extra

    French $15 and up

    Gradation $10 and up
    Art price is based on designs and length

    -please ask for the details.

    Gel removal
    $FREE -from our salon with a new gel set

    $10 -from our salon gel extension removal

    -our salon’s gel removal ONLY

    $10 and up -from other salon




    Regular manicure $20
    Regular pedicure $30
    Color change $10
    Care only $15(hand) / $20(foot)



    Set price *additional $5 for long nails

    Gel manipedi $85
    Gel mani+Regular pedi $70
    Regular manipedi $45




    *additional $10 for extra length or with repair

    Natural gel extensions

    $70 -clear gel extensions only

    $80 -with color polish

    $90 -with color gel


    Gel fill $65~75

    We don't do acrylic but we can fill acrylic with gel.